Saturday, August 29, 2009

Summer Chill-Out Dinner

My friend, Suz, trusted me enough to prepare food for a dinner she was hosting for about 12 other women. Nervous as I was, I think it all turned out pretty well. Here are a few of the dishes ...

Caprese on a Stick. The presentation could have been a little more interesting, but I like the idea of the skewer. Nothing simpler and fresher than tomato, basil, and mozzarella drizzled with EVOO.

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  1. The Summer Chill-Out Dinner was AMAZING! This meal was IRON CHEF caliber! MP worked her magic so that every bite was a feast to savor and her presentation was beautiful. My faves were the Grilled Salmon Salad and the Kitchen Sink Salad!

    I am so grateful that MP agreed to create the menu, prepare, deliver the food and set my buffet table -- she did everything except clean my house! It took the pressure off so I was able to truly relax, enjoy the meal and my company. Also, I loved hearing my guests rave about the dinner -- I felt so proud of MP!

    Do yourself the ultimate favor: The next time you host a dinner party, let MP do it for you!
    I'm booking her again for my holiday party in December!

    Thanks again, MP!
    Love you!