Friday, July 30, 2010

Cooking Tips from Chef DeLutis

A week or so ago, I dragged myself out of a very comfortable bed at Hotel Monaco and walked four steaming Baltimore blocks to Sotto Sopra for a cooking class with Chef Christian DeLutis.

We walked to the Farmers Market under the expressway (downhill to the market --- very UPHILL on the way back), with Chef pointing out his favorite vendors and talking about the benefits of in-season cooking.

Upon our return to Sotto Sopra, the real instruction started. I picked up a lot of tips, but most important, the heat in the kitchen gave me a profound respect for chefs. I had to keep stepping out to the dining room to catch my breath.

Tips: Smart Chicken taste best. Cold soups need more seasoning than hot ones.

Most memorable: I met several wonderful people -- a judge, two culinary students, and a writer for multiculturalcookingnetwork blog ...

More to come.