Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Coccolare - A Little Bit of Heaven

In Italian, Coccolare means "to cuddle." One of the most memorable foods I ate in Italy was called coccole, which my hosts told me means the same as coccolare.

Coccole is fried pizza dough sprinkled with salt. At the table, I was instructed to wrap the dough in the finest prosciutto and pop it into my mouth.

My taste buds were dancing. The dough was light and puffy with a little bit of a crunch on the outside. The prosciutto was paper thin but with a bold flavor.

I've been afraid to try it since I've been home for fear of it not living up to my memories. Maybe one of these days I'll give it a shot.


  1. Is this the same as a zeppoli, which was my favorite donut as a kid, only served during San Gennaro festival in Little Italy?

  2. I hadn't heard of zeppoli. From my research it sounds like the same dough but zeppoli is usually sweet while coccolare is savory.