Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cooling Down Spicy Greens

I received a mountain of kale and collard greens from the CSA this week and decided to try something with cannelloni beans and a kick of spice.

I started by melting butter in a large pan and dumping in some of my homemade berbere (Ethiopian spice mix). Added the washed and trimmed greens and cooked until wilted, then tossed in a can of cannelloni beans.

Once the beans were heated through, I gave it a taste. Wow, was it spicy!
What to do? What to do? I rummaged around and found a beautiful orange. After adding it to the greens and beans, it cooled it down enough for me but was still too spicy for my eaters.

Last ditch solution ... bought more greens, cooked them down without the spice and combined all. It was a hit.

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