Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Chiles en Nogada

When I was in Mexico City last year I tried Chiles en Nogada and it immediately became my favorite food. I finally got a recipe from my friend in Cueravaca and made it at home. It was as wonderful as I remembered.

Our Theme Dinner Group (TDG) came up with a theme for our next get-together where we prepare a dish we saw in a movie. 

One of my favorite books is "Like Water for Chocolate" and it had been made into a movie. As I scanned it for recipes, lo and behold, the December recipe is Chiles in Walnut Sauce -- Chiles en Nogada! I know what I'm bringing!

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  1. So excited to try it! I'm doing the beans from Blazing Saddles, because I recently got a cool clay bean pot that I want to try out! Of course, I will pre-soak the beans!