Saturday, October 31, 2009


The Movie-Group-Turned-Theme-Dinner-Group had a get together last night. While "The Men who Stare at Goats" is not released until next week, the theme for our dinner last night was goat.

Charles wins for the goat shank on the grill, but there were many worthy contenders:

Goat cheese topped with two chutneys over home baked bread
Baba Ghanoush made with goat yogurt
Mac 'n goat cheese
Wraps of veggies and goat cheese
Goat sausage
Goats do Roam wine

and super delicious ... sliced beets with goat cheese. These reminded me of Moon Pies - a slice of roasted beet topped with goat cheese and another slice of roasted beet drizzled with a marinade of soy sauce, rice wine vinegar (and more), then sprinkled with chopped fresh chives. Mmmmmm. Steve and Chris, you must post the complete recipe!

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